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889 Annual Copenhagen Film Festival

We are currently accepting films for our 2022 event!

UPDATE: In light of Corona-virus, we want to assure our filmmakers that we are fully committed to run our events and honor all filmmakers who have submitted to us from around the world.

The Annual Copenhagen Film Festival is an international independent film festival held annually in Copenhagen, Denmark. It aspires to promote, recognize and support independent filmmakers throughout the world by hosting a variety of awards in order to provide the best opportunities for filmmakers to get recognized in a very competitive industry. Selected films will be screened in Copenhagen and have the opportunity to engage discussions with our partnering production company.

ACFF is run in partnership with HF Productions as part of a collection of international film festivals supporting indie filmmaking. By establishing a working network among filmmakers, producers and marketing professionals, we share one common goal: to forge productive and lasting relationships between independent filmmakers and audiences.


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