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A Look at International Cartoon Openings – Dub Theme Songs From Around The World

There’s a lot that goes into dubbing a TV show. You have to take something made for one region, and rework it to fit into your market and culture. The changes made to dubs are often looked down upon by fans, but some dubs contain truly unique additional content that go unappreciated outside of their local audience, such as their opening theme songs. Many dubs use original theme songs made to appeal to their specific audience, such as Italy dubs featuring Eurodance songs.

In this video, we’ll be going over some of the most fascinating examples of this, from countries such as Italy, Germany, France and more. There is an infinite amount of international multilanguage content out there to dive into!

Special thanks to the dubbing community. Without the work of everyone in the scene, videos like this would not be possible. This video is a tribute to all the hard work of those who chronicled all of this over the years.

Music, footage, clips & sources:
-Italian Family Guy:
-SpongeBob mascots dancing:
-Smile.DK Butterfly MIDI:
-4Kids promos:
-Arabic SpongeBob song:
-Dragon Ball:
-Detective Conan:
-One Piece:
-Dexter’s Lab:
-My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:
-Italia1 promo:
-Dragon Ball Z (What’s My Destiny Dragon Ball):
-Boing DBZ commercial:
-The New Adventures of Lucky Luke:
-Dragon Ball GT:
-Dragon Ball Super song:
-Rossana (Kodocha):
-Adventures of Sonic:
-Castilian Spanish AoStH:
-Castilian Spanish Mario:
-Sonic X:
-Sailor Moon:
-Mega Man:
-SSJ2 Gohan song:
-Sailor Moon:
-Ranma 1/2:
-Dragon Ball:
-Adventures of Sonic:
-AoStH singer singing it in 2021:
-Hunter X Hunter:
-Detective Conan:
-Ranma 1/2:
-Dragon Ball:
-DBS opening:
-DBS ending:
-Italian DBGT:
-Italian Digimon:
-Giorgio Vanni & Cristina D’Avena One Piece:
-Giorgio Vanni Lucky Luke:
-Ariane DBZ:
-Giorgio Vanni Coca-Cola:
-Canada Dragon Ball:
-Original 4Kids “We Are”:
-Korean One Piece:
-Portuguese Johnny Test:
-Hindi Regular Show:
-Japanese Donkey Kong:
-Korean Blue’s Clues:
-DBZ en BalaĆ­dos:
-Aoi Kaze no HOPE:
-The Dubbing Database:
-The Lost Dubbing Wiki:

This video was made for educational, archival, and entertainment purposes. Made out of an appreciation for the contents involved and to spread awareness of the work.