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A WTF RANT – Courage of Lassie (1946) Movie Review

If you wanna see Lassie…I mean Bill or Duke…get chased by bears and wolves as a puppy, see a puppy go down The River Wild of rapids, get shot twice, hit by a girl, drafted into the Army, go into World War 2, see a dog almost DIE getting hit by squibs and explosions, and go on trial cause he has PTSD? I…guess this is for you?

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Courage of Lassie is a 1946 Technicolor MGM feature film starring Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Morgan, and dog actor Pal in a story about a collie named Bill and his young companion, Kathie Merrick.

When Bill is separated from Kathie following a vehicular accident, he is trained as a war dog, performs heroically, and, after many tribulations, is eventually reunited with his beloved Kathie.