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Actor/Filmmaker Jennica Schwartzman Interview – The Artist's Work Ethic Podcast

Podcast interview with actor & filmmaker, Jennica Schwartzman. Jennica discusses productivity, persistence, and perseverance in film, TV, and the arts.

Jennica Schwartzman is an actor, producer, writer, and author. She’s a member of both the Screen Actor’s Guild and the Producer’s Guild. Some of her notable films are Parker’s Anchor which was released through AMC Theaters, Ridge Runners which was released through Lionsgate & Indican, and Gordon Family Tree which was a film festival darling. Jennica has produced 10 features alongside her husband Ryan, with two lined up for this year, and has acted in most of them. On top of all that, she’s got a book out called Movie Baking: The Indie Work at Home Parent Filmmaker.

About The Artist’s Work Ethic Podcast:
Join Mike Pelak, as he talks to guests from across the arts to understand the work ethic, habits, and perspective that have brought them success.

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