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An interview with a filmmaker about how maths helps them in their career

This video is part of our ‘Where maths meets… the world of work!’ series, which you can access on the AMSP website: The series showcases the maths used in different careers. Each video in the series is linked to one or more activities, so your students can get a real taste of what the career may entail.

The video and accompanying resources have been designed so that they can be completed in one hour but there are plenty of opportunities to extend them further or use as part of home learning.
In this video, you meet Sabina and find out she ended up running her own film making business. You will learn that you need both creative and maths skills to be successful.

There are two different activities to choose from that accompany the video. In the Finance activity, students get to compare what you can earn as a freelancer to the salary you would get if you were employed – and make a decision about what is ‘best’. The maths in photography activity investigates the three pillars of exposure (shutter speed, ISO and aperture), how they are connected and how they work because of maths! You can view the accompanying resources on the AMSP website: