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Arzoo (1950) Full Movie – Dilip Kumar – Shashikala | Popular Bollywood Movies | Old Hindi Movies

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Movie : Arzoo(1950)
Cast :Kamini Kaushal … Kamini ‘Kammu’
Dilip Kumar … Badal
Shashikala … Kamla
Seeta Bose
Ram Shastri

Director : Shaheed Latif
IMDb : 6.5/10
Genre : Musical | Romance
Audio Language : Hindi

Story line : Badal, a clown villager and Kammo are childhood neighbors and grown up playing with each other. They never knew when they fell in love while growing up. They want to marry but Kammo’s father is against this marriage as Badal is doing nothing for living. Kammo asks Badal to go to city to work and earn. While Badal is leaving in the late night a sick & old relative arrives. Badal asks him to rest in his room and to inform his family members about his migration in the morning. The room catches fire because of ignorance of the old man and he is charred to death but Badal’s family, Kammo and all villagers take Badal as dead as they do not know the truth. Badal joins Indian army and returns after few years/months only to find that Kammo is married to wealthy Thakur. Rather than leaving Kammo on her own, he decides to take revenge, befriends Thakur, pretends loving Thakur’s sister and stays around Kammo. Upon knowing Kammo & Badal’s past affair Thakur shoot Badal but Kammo takes the bullet on her chest and dies.

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