Old classic cinema is the basic of all new and latest, and always remains the best.

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Channel Crossing 1933

British crime film directed by Milton Rosmer and starring Matheson Lang, Constance Cummings, Anthony Bushell and Nigel Bruce. Money isn't everything. A Tycoon races against time to cross the English Channel in order to save a business deal, but along the way his whole value system is thrown into turmoil. source

Charles Dicken Drama Full Movie | Oliver Twist (1933) Starring Dickie Moore | Retrospective

The orphaned boy Oliver Twist escapes from the orphanage to find his relatives in London, but instead meets the pickpocket Fagin and his gang led by brutish Bill Sikes and the Artful Dodger. Film: Oliver Twist (1933) Studio: Chadwick Pictures Director: William J. Cowen Writer: Charles Dickens (novel Oliver Twist) Elizabeth Meehan (writer) Cast: Dickie Moore Irving Pichel Doris Lloyd William "Stage" Boyd For more classic movies and clips, subscribe to Retrospective: Licensed from: Canamedia source

The Shop at Sly Corner (1947, aka Code of Scotland Yard) Oskar Homolka, Muriel Pavlow, Derek Farr

DescriptionA British antiques dealer (Oscar Homolka), escaped from Devil's Island, kills to protect his daughter (Muriel Pavlow) from his past. Code of Scotland Yard is a 1947 British crime film directed by George King and starring Oskar Homolka, Muriel Pavlow and Derek Farr. It was also known as The Shop at Sly Corner, from the popular stage play of that name by Edward Percy. It features an appearance by a then young Diana Dors. It was shot at Isleworth Studios. The film's sets were designed by the art director Bernard Robinson. Cast: Oskar Homolka as Descius Heiss Derek Farr as...

Dinner at the Ritz (1937 British Mystery Romance film)

Directed by Harold D. Schuster and starring David Niven, Annabella and Paul Lukas It was produced by the British branch of 20th Century Fox, and shot at Denham Studios. Synopsis The daughter of a banker is engaged to marry one of her father's colleagues - her father inadvertently discovers his soon to be son in law is in fact one of the men who have looted his funds. Racine is shot when confronting Beaufort and his daughter refuses to believe his death is suicide and travels in disguise while she tracks those among her father's colleagues who looted his bank....

The Sleeping Cardinal, 1931, Arthur Wontner as Sherlock Holmes.avi

Directed by Leslie S. Hiscott in 1931. Arthur Wontner as "Sherlock Holmes", Ian Fleming as "Dr. Watson" and Minnie Rayner (as "Mrs. Hudson). Great performance by Arthur Wontner in an excellent adaptation of two well-known "Sherlock Holmes" stories by Conan Doyle. Ronald Adair (Leslie Perrins), a youth employed by the diplomatic service, is suspected of cheating at cards by his sister Catherine, and she seeks the help of Sherlock Holmes. A bank murder takes place, and Holmes deduces a connecting link between the crime and Adair. He is convinced that Moriarty, an organiser of crime on a big scale, has...

The Sign Of Four, 1932, Arthur Wontner as Sherlock Holmes.avi

Directed by Graham Cutts in 1932. Arthur Wontner as "Sherlock Holmes", Isla Bevan and Ian Hunter as "Dr. Watson". Adapted from a Arthur Conan Doyle "Sherlock Holmes" crime thriller. Another great performance from Arthur Wontner as "Sherlock Holmes". A young woman needs Holmes for protection when she is tormented by an escaped killer. However, when the woman is abducted, Holmes and Watson must infiltrate the city's criminal underworld to track down the young woman. The film was produced by Basil Dean for Associated Radio Pictures. source

Count Five and Die (1957) Jeffrey Hunter, Nigel Patrick, Annemarie Düringer – WWII Spy Thriller

Count Five and Die is a 1957 British war drama produced by Zonic Productions and released in the USA by the Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation. It was directed by Victor Vicas, produced by Ernest Gartside with the screenplay by Jack Seddon and David Pursall. It stars Jeffrey Hunter, Nigel Patrick and Annemarie Düringer. Dutch patriots, a U.S. officer (Jeffrey Hunter) and a British spy (Nigel Patrick) fool the Nazis with a fake Soho film company. Cast: Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Bill Ranson Nigel Patrick as Major Julien Howard Annemarie Düringer as Rolande Hertog David Kossoff as Dr. Mulder Rolf Lefebvre...