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BEHIND THE SCENES: Cast And Crew Of The Shimian

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Cast and crew of The Shimian gives their thoughts on the project.

“A family take a camping trip into the forest to celebrate a birthday and fix their strained relationships, but their celebrations are cut short when they learn something unearthly is hunting them.”

“The Shimian” is a horror feature by Bader Media Entertainment CIC. Written and directed by James Peakman. Executive Produced by Danyan Zhang, James Peakman, Julian Austwick, William Malkames, Nathan Growler & Roberto Luo.

Starring – Sophie Simmons, Blake Hutchings, Margot Lin & Ashlea Winfield.

Bader Media Entertainment CIC is a production company with a diverse team who share a passion for filmmaking. With offices in the UK and China, we produce high-quality creative content for entertainment as well as impact films that carry the message of a client within short narrative films. Our team have combined over ten years experience in the film industry and have worked on films that have gained multiple awards, festival entries, TV broadcast and international distribution.