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Best World Famous movies review in English | High IMDb Rate Films | Leonardo DiCaprio | SE-04

Cinema, the most modern art medium, is a medium of storytelling. Various movies are screened from time to time. The audience either accepts or rejects it according to their taste. This is the information about 10 world famous movies that are still remembered even after some time has passed.

0:00 Intro
0:23 According to IMDb, what is the number one movie in the world?
2:17 What is Shutter Island about?
3:36 Why is 2019 Joker movie so famous?
5:49 Why is Silence of the lambs so famous?
10:00 What’s the movie where they go into people’s dreams?
11:35 What can we learn from The Fault in Our Stars?
13:21 What is Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous movie?
14:54 Is Life Is Beautiful a comedy or tragedy?
17:29 What is the film sixth sense about?
18:38 Which famous film was directed by Bryan Singer in 1995?

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