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BFI Film Academy Lab: Film Trailer Design

For this BFI Film Academy Lab we were delighted to welcome Mark Towers, Distribution and Creative Lead at Curzon, to share his experience of working as both a filmmaker and marketer, with a focus on his production of trailer campaigns.

In this session Mark shared insider tips on making film trailers and discussed his own work on campaigns for Parasite and The Quiet Girl, as well as what we can learn from classic trailers, like the one for The Matrix, and how he balances his professional work alongside his personal stories.

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BFI Film Academy Labs are online events for 16-25 year olds to gain industry insight and get professional advice and support to develop their own film programming and film making practices. Programmed by the Young Film Programmers’ Network (South East) they are delivered as practical masterclasses, workshops and networking sessions.

Recorded on Wednesday 29 June.

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