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BOLLYWOOD FASHION THROUGH THE AGES | 1950s, 1970s & 1990s | Recreating Bollywood Fashion Looks


Honouring my South Indian heritage on my father’s side, I decided to celebrate this month by recreating three different looks from three different Bollywood Films & Eras πŸŽ¬πŸ“Έ I grew up watching both Hollywood & Bollywood films and recall dancing to popular Bollywood hits at 5 years old in the living room (don’t ask my mum for that footage πŸ˜†). At this point in my life where I’m finding a beautiful in-between to identify with both my parents cultures, it means a lot to be able to celebrate my Indian side for this special month in this way & to shed light on another amazing and rich film industry. – Sangeetha

LOOK 1: 1950S πŸ–€
For this era I chose to recreate a look from Indian Actress Nargis Dutt. Regarded as one of the greatest actresses in Indian Cinema History, her career spanned three decades, including leading the highly successful film Mother India (1957) which was Nominated for Best International Film at the Academy Awards and also won her Best Actress at the Filmfare Awards.
This recreated look is from the film Shree 420 (1955) during what is regarded as the Golden Age of Hindi Cinema.

LOOK 2: – 1970s 🧑
For this era I chose Bollywood Actress Rekha who has been awarded many accolades for her work and starred in over 130 films. She started her career in Telugu films as a child before acting in her first lead role in the Kannada language film Operation Jackpot Nalli C.I.D. 999 (1969). She crossed into Hindi Cinema in the early 70s, often acting alongside Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan before becoming one of Hindi Cinema’s leading stars through the 80s and 90s.
I really loved her look in this film Raampur Ka Lakshman (1972), a more glamorous style. I also love Rekha’s strength and persistence as an Actress especially in reading about how she pushed herself to become better in her craft in response to criticism which ultimately lead to her
success into the 80s and beyond.
Side note she was also in one of my childhood favs – Indian superhero movie Krrish (2006) πŸ˜†

LOOK 3: – 1990s πŸ’š
This one was FUN! For this era I couldn’t not do Bollywood icon Aishwarya Rai & of course that classic ‘hair blowing in the wind’ when a female love interest is introduced πŸ˜†πŸ‘ŒAfter being crowned Miss World in 1994, Aishwarya went into acting making her debut in the 1997 Tamil film Iruvar as well as her first Hindi film the same year – Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya. The latter is the film I chose to recreate this look from, there were so many amazing looks in this film it was hard to choose!
Aishwarya has gained accolades and critical acclaim for films since early on in her career and in 2003, she was the first Indian actress to be a jury member at the Cannes Film Festival.
She has also worked in Hollywood, playing a main supporting role in the film Pink Panther 2 (2009) and is daughter in law to Amitabh Bachchan.
Fun fact – my father wanted to name me ‘Aishwarya’ when I was born πŸ˜† However I love that my parents settled on Sangeetha – a name my mum first heard in a Bollywood film ✨
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Creative Director/Model – Sangeetha Gowda
IG: @sangeethagowda_

Shot by – Marshall-Weishuai Yuan
IG: @marshall.weishuai

Film by NOAH Films x Diversity Australia
@noah__films @diversityaustralia



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