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Brendan Fraser of 'The Mummy' gets minutes-long ovation for comeback role

Brendan Fraser is having a moment at the Venice International Film Festival.

The once ubiquitous movie star of “The Mummy” franchise and “George of the Jungle” had, in the last decade, backed away from the spotlight. But Fraser is charting what could be a major comeback starting with his transformative role in Darren Aronofsky’s “The Whale,” which had its world premiere Sunday night at the festival.

As the credits rolled in the Sala Grande theater, the audience gave the film a long standing ovation while Fraser, on the balcony alongside his director and co-stars, wiped tears away.

Fraser plays Charlie, a reclusive English teacher with a kind soul who weighs 600 pounds (270 kilograms). While the film already has pundits predicting Oscar nominations, Fraser is trying not to think about whether awards are in his future.

“I’m just trying to stay in today,” Fraser said before the premiere.