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Can anyone win? Experts explain Russia Ukraine war latest

Russia and Ukraine are suffering devastating losses after months of bloody war. But the latest from Ukraine does share one striking similarity to the start of the conflict; both Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelenskyy are determined to win – so will either side claim a decisive victory?


Russian forces have seized key cities in the eastern Donbas region in recent weeks, outgunning Ukraine in an artillery slugfest.

But advanced Nato weapons like HIMARS, MLRS and drones are constantly arriving in Ukraine and early reports suggest they could play a significant role in the weeks to come, provided Nato can maintain the supply of hardware and ammo Ukraine needs.

Neither side is in the mood to back down.

Experts tell Paraic O’Brien what is happening on the ground in Ukraine and explore whether either side will win this war.

Produced by: Matthew Lucas, Ian Watkins, Calum Fraser


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