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Caravaggio (2002) with Brennan Barger and Travis McCarty | Take36 Tallgrass Film Festival

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Ever had plant-based popcorn? Two Members of the trio team at Sunspeak Studios (Travis McCarty and Brennan Barger) sit with Lester Rowe to talk about the 3rd Place win and Travis McCarty’s Best Actor win for their thriller short film Caravaggio during TAKE36 in Wichita, Kansas hosted by Tallgrass Film Festival. Shot at the Tallgrass Film Center

01:00 Making the Film
05:00 The Accents in the Film
11:45 The Gear What was it shot with?
18:00 How Dark Comedy influence the writing?
20:40 Easter Eggs Hidden in Film
34:34 Do you like popcorn?

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