Old classic cinema is the basic of all new and latest, and always remains the best.

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Celebrity Interviews – BIGTOCHI

Join the June 12 Fast from Monday 13th to Sunday 19th June 2022 LIVE on Facebook @OneSoundRevivalTV, by 6:15am daily.

You can also join 1 million other Nigerians to sign the New Nigeria Heavenly Petition to the Court of Heaven.

To sign the 1Milion man petition to the Court of Heaven, visit

The June 12 Fast is brought to you by the PRAY NIGERIA MOVEMENT (PNM), a non-partisan movement working to bring Nigeria to her destiny, and sponsored by OneSound Revival Fellowship, a church-unification body with a mission to engender unity amongst believers in Nigeria.

Learn more at today or call +2348090111194, +2348090200071

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