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Celebrity News & Gossip: Kim Asked to Attend a Royal Party and Was Rejected !!

Kim Kardashian Reportedly Snubbed by Royals After Asking to Attend Palace Party and Getting “Rejected”.

Today in sentences we never expected to write, Kim Kardashian appears to have been snubbed by the royal family after asking the attend the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The Daily Mail reports that representatives for Kim, “asked for tickets” to attend the Platinum Party at the Palace, but officials “rejected her.”

“Kim rarely gets turned down to attend any event, so this has been quite surprising, especially as she doesn’t visit the UK often,” a source said. “Kim and Pete love the Royal Family and really wanted to be a part of this special celebration.”

Truly would give anything to see Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian show up at Buckingham Palace for a party with the Queen, so here’s to hoping this works out in her favor. Also, before you side-eye Kim for trying to show up at Buckingham Palace, many celebrities are attending the event, while members of the royal family are said to be showing up on Her Majesty’s behalf.


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