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Children's Center News – Collaborative Filmmaking – 2012 Children's Center Idyllwild Arts

News report written and created by the Collaborative Filmmaking class of Children’s Center Idyllwild Arts Summer Program 2012.

Directed by the Idyllwild Arts Children’s Center Filmmaking Class

Collaborative Filmmaking Instructor: Jason Inman
Assistant Instructor: Chris Chapman

Idyllwild Arts Children’s Center Collaborative Filmmaking Class: David Cohen, Tallis Edwards, Rebecca Gibson, Ben Goulding, Katherine Hightower, Miles Jones, Sean Levine, Nathaniel Mills, Jason Schoenmann, Sophia Tahernia, Nicole Theophylactou, Lorenzo Voletti, Eli Wilke

Description of the class.
Jump behind the lens of a camera and make stories and characters come alive! In this course, students will become well versed in the world of film. This class is perfect for anyone that has a love of movies and television, and interested in how to make films. Students will learn and be exposed to the history behind the creation of the film camera and moving pictures. Through various exercises, the class will start to create, write, plan and storyboard their own films. All roles of a film crew, including acting, will be filled by the class so that all students can experience all aspects of film production, in front and behind the camera. Lighting for film, camera framing, and directing for film will all be taught in the class. The hands on experience will allow students to go home and create movies of their own! The two week course will conclude with a showing of the finished product. All students will receive a DVD of their work. Bring your imagination and story ideas, and get ready to make a movie!


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