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David Howard Thornton Star of Terrifier | The Grim and Bloody Theater

Welcome to another episode of The Grim and Bloody Theater. Today we host David Howard Thornton star of Damien Leone’s 2016 Terrifier that introduced the world to Art the Clown. We also get to talk about the upcoming Terrifier 2!

Synopsis: On Halloween night, Tara Heyes finds herself as the obsession of a sadistic murderer known as Art the Clown.

The Grim and Bloody Theater is part of the Death’s Parade Film Festival: Northern California’s premiere horror film fest. DPFF provides a platform for filmmakers and actors to showcase their latest work to horror and thriller enthusiasts alike. We are proud to show you some of the short films that have screened at the fest and provide you additional insight with exclusive filmmaker interviews immediately following the screening.

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