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Freddy vs. Jason (2003) MOVIECLIPSHD Under the Influence

Freddy vs. Jason (2003) MOVIECLIPSHD Under the Influence

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As the group looks for the Hypnocil, Freddy takes control of
Bill (Kyle Labine) and orders him to dump all of the pills
down the drain.

Rumored and anticipated for years, the two biggest icons of
the slasher genre finally meet in Freddy Vs. Jason, the
eighth entry in the Nightmare on Elm Street saga and the
11th film in the Friday the 13th series, though with Jason X
taking place in the future, it should be noted that the events
of this film take place after the ninth film Jason Goes to Hell.
And it is hell where Freddy Kruger (Robert Englund) and
Jason Voorhees (Ken Kirzinger, donning the hockey mask
for the first time in a controversial snub against series
veteran Kane Hodder) finally become acquainted. Banished
there for eternity, Freddy devises a plan to manipulate Jason
into continuing his work, hacking up the teenagers of Elm
Street. All goes well at first until Jason realizes he’s been
duped by “the dream master” and is none too pleased.
Coaxed by surviving teenagers Will (Jason Ritter), Lori
(Monica Keena), and Kia (Destiny’s Child’s Kelly Rowland)
Jason and Freddy descend upon Crystal Lake for a mano a
mano battle royal. Helmed by Hong Kong director Ronny Yu
(Bride of Chucky, The Bride With the White Hair), Freddy Vs.
Jason features the director of the first Friday film, Sean S.
Cunningham serving as producer.

TM & © Warner Bros. (2003)
Cast: Ken Kirzinger, Katharine Isabelle, Jesse Hutch
Director: Ronny Yu
Producers: Stokely Chaffin, Sean S. Cunningham, Douglas
Curtis, Robert Shaye, Renee Witt
Screenwriters: Wes Craven, Victor Miller, Damian Shannon,
Mark Swift

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