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Gouthami & Kamal Haasan Vintage Hot Scene | Drohi Movie Scenes | Manisha Arts

Gouthami & Kamal Haasan Vintage Hot Scene | Drohi Movie Scenes | Manisha Arts
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Police officers Adhi Narayanan and Abbas devise a masterful plan to bring a terrorist group in control, and send two secret vigilance officers – Anand and Shiva – on “Operation Dhanush”. The objective is to infiltrate a terrorist group headed by the Naxalite Badri, and relay information back to Abbas. After a year while relaying information to Abbas, Anand gets caught, but commits suicide before the terrorists can interrogate him. With the information relayed by Anand, Abbas and Adhi know that the terrorists are picking up someone important and going to Trichy.

Abbas tightens the security at the railway station, while Adhi goes to call his wife from a public phone booth. Adhi sees some suspicious activity and tries to get a closer look, but the sound from his radio alerts the terrorist, a shootout follows where Adhi manages to hurt a terrorist, while another tries to flee in a car but is caught as Adhi shoots at the car’s tyre. The wounded terrorist gets into the railway station, but gets shot down by Abbas, and the car driver is taken into custody.

Cast :-
:- Kamal Haasan as Adhi Narayanan
:- Arjun as Abbas
:- Nassar as Badri
:- Geetha as Zeenath

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