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How I make a Documentary by myself | DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKING

In this video on documentary filmmaking I’ll share with you how I make a documentary completely by myself.

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For the past year I’ve been making short documentaries all by myself. I do the research, the filming, the editing and this was something that at first I thought it would just be impossible for me to do without any help. Documentary filmmaking it’s really challenging, specially when doing everything by yourself. But there are some things I’ve learned that make the entire process easier for me.

I thought this would be a great opportunity to share with you the process behind my videos from finding a subject until the final edit.
This is how i make a documentary by myself.

What I learned making a documentary by myself:

🎥 Documentaries I show on this video:

Parkour: Behind Every Jump –
HIV Positive –
Victim of Modern Slavery –
The Scars of a Battle –
Haunted by Trauma –
Worth saving: living on the streets –

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