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How To Film Interviews Anywhere | Documentary Filmmaking With The Bluetti AC50S Power Bank

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This is a short video on how to shoot cinematic interviews outside without access to power – much like interviews you’d see in a true crime documentary on Netflix or HBO. I’ll show you how to setup your lighting and power your equipment with the Bluetti AC50S Portable Powerbank. We used the Lumix S5 and Meike 50mm F1.2 lens for this shoot.

Bluetti AC50S Portable Powerbank:

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00:00 – Intro
00:20 – Context
01:50 – Example Interview Sequence
03:10 – The Setup & Breakdown
04:43 – Bluetti Powerbank Review
06:31 – My Thoughts
07:16 – Cost
07:50 – Free Pizza

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