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How To Get Your Film Into Sundance? A Best Of Fest Short Films Collection – Trailer

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Are you an aspiring filmmaker or simply curious? An established one who got it all but never f*ing managed to get into this festival or a ruthless film critics ready to destroy what they dare call the forefront of arthouse cinema?

Sundance has been a reference for independent cinema for decades and making it into the official selection can appear like a daunting task. These 7 short films all made it into the festival and – believe it or not – they were made by people like you and me (ok, maybe with a good dosing of savoir-faire and audacity). Maybe this short film collection will help you figure out what the devil the Sundance gods want.

STICKER by Georgi M. Unkovski ★ Sundance 2020 ★
WREN BOYS by Harry Lighton ★ Sundance 2017 ★
THE DEVIL’S HARMONY by D.H. Williams ★ Sundance 2020 ★
HOT DOG by A.Buddecke and M.Valin ★ Sundance 2019 ★
THE CHICKEN by Una Gunjak ★ Sundance 2014 ★
SOCIAL BUTTERFLY by. L. Wolkstein ★ Sundance 2013 ★
BLACK MULBERRY by G. Razmadze ★ Sundance 2012 ★

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