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How to make a showreel THAT WORKS – tips for filmmakers

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‘How to make a showreel THAT WORKS – filmmaking tips’ looks to expose the ineffectiveness of a showreel in its current format. A filmmaker’s showreel is a portfolio of work, but more importantly a filmmaking showreel is a marketing strategy – it’s designed to win the filmmaker work by marketing the individual’s, or the company’s, filmmaking skills and services. In their current ‘compilation’ demo reel format I believe they are ill equipped to achieve these marketing objectives for two reasons: 1) they are all the same, hence no one’s work stands out from the crowd; and 2) they give little to no value to the customer/client/audience.

I think there’s a better way of doing it, so in this episode I explore: what is a showreel?; the history of the showreel; why they are so ineffective; and how they could be done better. These are my filmmaking tips to create better demo reels and how to sell your video skills based on 20+ years working in media and film production. If you have any thoughts on the content of this film I’d love it if you could leave a comment, and if you think it would be of any interest to your friends, family or colleagues then please share it with them.

You can check out my pointless showreel here:

Speedmotion’s website and showreel can be found here:

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