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How to Music Festival Vintage Style | Folk Fest Historybound

Hello all!
Thanks for coming along as I explore how to make my folk fest as vintage as possible. It occurred to me as I was getting ready for the Calgary Folk Festival that other people might want to have vintage music festival experiences too.

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I love historybounding. I have made videos before about historybounding music and other aspects of your vintage lifestyle. So when I was coming up with interesting festival outfits in vintage styles, I got to thinking about sun protection, beach fashion, and other things from history might still be useful to the average festivalgoer. Whether you’re going all out, figuring out what to wear to coachella in a retro style, or if you’re like me and just going to historybound a music festival in your hometown, I think some of the festival season prep can be taken care of with these tips and tricks.

Harlow Pajamas:
Medieval Garments Reconstructed:

1930s Pajamas were my favourite idea, and then the coat just… happened and I was so pleased with both. If you have the ability to make some 1930s loungewear or summer wear, I highly recommend it. So flowy!
And the coat, sleeves excepted, was very easy to make too. Go forth and be your historybounding best! Get ready for those vintage folk festivals with your superior vintage style and you’ll have a great time!

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