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Interview With Ozzy Man Reviews | HAIYAA #24

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This week Nigel is joined by the legend himself Ethan Marrell aka Ozzy Man Reviews! They speak candidly about their experiences including Ethan’s time doing stand up comedy in England and why Nigel wants to find some Quokka’s.

0:00 – How Nigel and Ethan first met and why Nigel wants to be sued
9:00 – Why Ethan loves Perth and why Nigel doesn’t
22:14 – How Ethan started Ozzy Man Reviews
35:09 – Nigel reflects on his China scandal and tries some Thai Green Curry cooked by a member of Team Ozzy Man Reviews!
50:00 – The difference between the feedback from performing live and releasing videos on YouTube
57:42 – Nigel had a threesome recently

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