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Johnny can't look away when Dr. Spiegel licks his lips at the mention of Willy Wonka

Attorney Wayne Dennison started off his questioning by grilling Psychiatrist David Spiegel. After several hours everyone is starting to lose patience with Spiegel. Watch the reactions.

Camille Vasquez and Ben Chow visibly show the frustrations

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The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard began on April 11, 2022 at the Circuit Court of Fairfax County, Virginia,

On May 5, day 15 of the trial, the court adjourned for a break and won’t return again until Monday, May 16 at 9 a.m.

Here is a list of every witness who’s given testimony during the trial. Read details about every witness at this link:

1. Christi Dembrowski
2. Isaac Baruch
3. Brandon Patterson
4. Gina Deuters
5. Kate James
Heard’s former assistant James appeared in a pre-recorded deposition. She described Heard as “belligerent and abusive” and testified that Heard used psychedelic mushrooms, ecstasy and cocaine. James also described Heard as having a “kick-the-dog kind of relationship” with her own sister Whitney.

6. Laurel Anderson
7. Dr. David Kipper
8. Debbie Lloyd
9. Ben King
10. Keenan Wyatt
11. Sean Bett
12. Travis McGivern
13. Tara Roberts
14. Melissa Saenz, Tyler Hadden and William Gatlin
Pre-recorded testimony from two *LAPD* officers, Saenz and Hadden revealed their account of responding to a May 2016 incident at the Eastern Columbia Building involving the couple. Heard had called for the police to respond to the scene.

15. Dr. Shannon Curry
A forensic psychologist hired by Depp’s legal team, Dr. Curry refuted Heard’s claims of PTSD stemming from her relationship with Depp. She said Heard “grossly exaggerated symptoms of PTSD.” Curry instead diagnosed Heard with “histrionic and borderline personality disorders.” She explained how this disorder was a “predictive factor” in women who instigate violence against their partner.

16. Alejandro Romero
Romero, a doorman at the Eastern Columbia Building, made a notable appearance via a pre-recorded video as he vaped and drove through his testimony. At times his testimony had the jury and Depp laughing. He recalled a time he was asked to check for an intruder but he believes the scratching at the door which had startled them was just a dog.

17. Terrence Dougherty
18. Jack Whigham
Johnny Depp’s talent manager took the stand to describe how Heard’s op-ed had damaged his career financially.

As part of his testimony, he revealed what Depp had been paid for his previous movies. This included $8 million for City of Lies, $10 million for Murder on the Orient Express and $13.5 million for Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald. He also revealed how Depp was in negotiations to receive $22.5 million for Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

19. Richard Marks
The founder of entertainment law firm Richard Marks and Associates assessed the damage done to Depp as a result of the Washington Post op-ed.

He said the piece created a “cancel situation” that harmed Depp’s reputation and ability to get work.

20. Douglas Bania
21. Erin Falati
22. Michael Spindler
Spindler, a forensic accountant, showed his calculations to determine the exact loss of earnings Depp has suffered as a result of Heard’s actions.

“I concluded that Mr. Depp suffered lost earnings of approximately $40 million dollars,” Spindler said. He calculated the figure based on Depp’s role in Pirates of the Caribbean 6, its expected net earnings and Depp’s roles in non-franchise films.

23. Laura Wasser
24. Christian Carino
25. Edward White
26. Starling Jenkins III
27. Malcolm Connelly
28. Dr. Dawn Hughes
The first person to be called to the stand as Heard’s team made their case, Hughes is a board-certified clinical and forensic psychologist. The court were shown notes that Hughes had made about Heard while evaluating her and she’d written that “intimate partner violence” triggered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Heard.

She testified that Heard experienced PTSD symptoms while filming Aquaman 2. Her symptoms included “sweaty palms, heart palpitations and panic attacks” which “interfered with her functioning,” Hughes said.

During the cross-examination, it was noted that her medical notes referenced James Franco and Elon Musk


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