Old classic cinema is the basic of all new and latest, and always remains the best.

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The film “Like in HOLLYWOOD” was created together with Yulia Maksymenko in 2018. And it all started with the fact that Julia got on the set of “Justice Agents” and for the first time in her life had to shoot in bed. There were a lot of funny moments during the filming that you will see in our film. Markiyan Kanyuka is the operator of “Like in HOLLYWOOD”. By the way, he filmed the scene in bed with Julia during the filming of “Agents”, from which it all began and which was cut during the editing of the series. Thanks to that meeting, the movie “Like in HOLLYWOOD” was born. The film has participated in many film festivals, was nominated for Best Overseas Comedy at the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival (2019) and at the Women’s Comedy Film Festival in Atlanta (2019), was awarded at the Canadian International Short Film Festival (2019), Varese International Film Festival (2020) and received the Diploma of the Laureate of the first degree at 11 IISFF (2020). “Like in HOLLYWOOD” won the nomination “Best Short Comedy” at the Sixth International Festival of Comedy Art “GaShoTyu”, became the best Ukrainian short film at the Kyiv Film Festival (Ukraine) (2020). You will laugh, but our film was awarded at the Verase International Film Festival (VIFF) for best costume)) “Like in HOLLYWOOD” was successfully held at the Shockfest Film Festival (December, 2021). I think 25 minutes will fly by unnoticed for you) Enjoy watching))


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