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Lindsey Stirling: Brave Enough

Beginning on the eve of her thirtieth birthday, “Brave Enough,” documents violinist Lindsey Stirling over the past year as she comes to terms with the most challenging & traumatic events of her life. Through her art, she seeks to share a message of hope and courage and yet she must ask herself the question, “Am I Brave Enough?” Capturing her personal obstacles and breakthrough moments during the “Brave Enough,” tour, the film presents an intimate look at this one-of- a-kind artist and her spectacular live performances inspired by real-life heartbreak, joy, and love.

YouTube Red Originals – If you live outside the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia or South Korea, click here for more details on availability in your country:

0:00 Looking Back
2:35 First Day Of Rehearsals
5:59 Copley Symphony Hall
13:40 Looking Back II
19:12 Dolby Theatre
27:44 Dubstep
32:23 Looking Back III
38:10 Grief
47:35 ZZ Magic & Courage
57:30 Dad
1:04:48 The Final Show
1:10:18 Life After Death


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