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Love Goals (2022) Netflix Movie Review | Jaadugar

Magic Meenu, a small-time magician, has to win a local football tournament in order to marry the girl he loves. Love Goals, or Jaadugar, is a new Hindi Netflix film that follows a young man who wants to be a magician, but has to play football in order to win her father’s approval. Should this romantic comedy-drama be on your watchlist? Thanks for checking out my Love Goals (2022) Netflix Movie Review!

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My couch rating system:
5 – A must-watch – do not pass this one up
4 – It’s really good, you should see it
3 – It’s OK – maybe good for a rental
2 – It’s not that good and I wouldn’t recommend it
1 – It’s terrible and I definitely don’t recommend it
0 – Cutting off a finger is better than watching this

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