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Mae Basiratmand – Pop Culture Advertising: Leveraging Real-World Examples to Improve Learning | SDS

Presenting in the Summer 2022 Stukent Digital Summit, Mae Basiratmand dives into the following subject:

Have you ever seen a great commercial and wondered how they came up with it? Effective advertising and marketing start with great ideas, insights, research, and creativity. These advertisements are not merely for entertainment value, but are great resources to use in the classroom and to inform campaigns in the work environment. Join this session to explore some great examples and understand how live advertisements are the best learning tool.

Mae stems from a dynamic background with a passion for good storytelling. Recently, she was a marketing manager at Florida Atlantic University, and prior, she worked in New York City in various high-profile advertising agencies and media companies. She also teaches digital marketing, social media, communications, and PowerPoint design to undergraduate and graduate students. She received her bachelor’s from the University of Florida and her master’s in strategic communication from Columbia University.