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MOON KNIGHT and THE GREEN KNIGHT Cinematography Breakdown – interview with Andrew Droz Palermo

Marvel’s MOON KNIGHT and A24’s THE GREEN KNIGHT are filled with original and compelling cinematography thanks to director of photography Andrew Droz Palermo. We do a deep dive into Andrew’s visual approach for both projects.

Andrew and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss why he avoided excessive close up angles, how filming handheld can motivate editing, what no one thinks about when filming in the desert, cinematography tricks to make someone look crazy, and so much more.

✅ Intro (00:00)
✅ Learning from other cinematographers on a series (01:03)
✅ Avoiding excessive close ups (07:00)
✅ How shooting handheld can motivate editing (08:54)
✅ Why cinematographers should rehearse with actors (12:56)
✅ Setting yourself up for success filming 360° on set (18:11)
✅ What no one thinks about when filming in the desert (22:23)
✅ How to light scenes with only flashlights (27:32)
✅ Working with practical references for CGI elements (32:49)
✅ Why filming reflections is so challenging (35:15)
✅ Making someone look crazy with cinematography (39:58)
✅ Tricks to film duplicates of actors in camera (43:37)
✅ Cinematography of THE GREEN KNIGHT (46:27)
✅ Framing composition inspired by paintings (50:10)
✅ Why Arri DNA lenses were the clear choice (54:42)
✅ And more!

Show Notes ➡️

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