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Movie Makeup So Good You Didn't Recognize These Actors

A brilliant acting performance can make you completely forget you’re watching a movie, but sometimes the makeup is so good that you don’t even know which actor you’re watching.

If you saw these movies without knowing anything about them, you probably wouldn’t even be able to identify the actors underneath all of the makeup and prosthetics. From the time Charlize Theron completely transformed herself to play a serial killer to the actors who went all-out to play famous historical figures, let’s take a look at some movie makeup that was so good that you didn’t recognize the actors underneath it.

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Jim Carrey | 0:00
Danny DeVito | 1:35
Joel Edgerton | 3:03
Gary Oldman | 4:07
Karen Gillan | 5:30
Charlize Theron | 6:45
Johnny Depp | 7:51
Christian Bale | 9:03

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