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Nana Patekar & Manisha Koirala Untold Love Story |An Affair To Remember,Full Story From Start To End

Today we will talk about the most unusual pair of Bollywood that shocked the fans when the news of their dating each other came out in open. It was the most famous Father daughter pair onscreen but they were dating in real life. Any guesses? That couple was Nana Patekar and Manisha Koirala. Nana was 20 year older than Manisha and married too. Nana played Manisha’s father in the epic film ‘Khamoshi’. It all started when Manisha met Nana for the first time on the sets of Agnisakshi. Nana was a rage in the film industry in the 90s. That was the time when Manisha was going through a break up with her Saudagar co-actor Vivek Mushran. During the shooting, they both started feeling for each other that turned into a serious relationship. Manisha couldn’t help falling for Nana’s brooding charm but this didn’t remain a secret for long as unit members noticed them spending a lot of time with each other. Manisha’s neighbours spotted Nana many times leaving her house at the wee hours. Then, they appeared together in Sanjay Leela Bhasali’s Khamoshi, where they portrayed the roles of father and daughter. By this time, media reports about their affair was all over. So finally Manisha & Nana accepted their relationship. Even though Nana was married, his wife wasn’t living with him. But then problems sprouted between them. Both Nana and Manisha were famous for their volatile tempers and were caught arguing on many occasions. “Nana grew extremely possessive of Manisha while they were in a relationship. He would object if she wore revealing outfits or got intimate with her co-stars. There came a rough patch in their love life, both were trying hard to make this relationship work. But one day something shocking happened. Manisha caught Nana cheating on her red-handed. Manisha couldn’t believe what she saw. She found Nana Patekar and Ayesha Jhulka in a compromising position. As soon as Manisha saw this, she shouted at Ayesha and said, “Get off my man, you bi**’. Nana somehow convinced Manisha that they were not romantically involved and calm him down. Afterwards, Manisha got insecure and started putting pressure on Nana to divorce his wife and marry her. But Nana refused. He made it clear to her that in no uncertain terms would he legally divorce his wife, Neelakanti. Manisha didn’t want to bear the tag of ‘another woman’ forever and so she parted ways with him. She eventually dated other men and Nana and Ayesha made their relationship official by living together. After their break up, they7 never bad-mouthed each other. In one of the interviews Nana admitted that he missed Manisha and said, “Manisha and I were not meant for each other. She often visited my mother and son and they received her with affection. It was a beautiful relationship but, like all couples, we had our downs too. We gave a lot to each other, but the relationship did not work out. However, I still respect Manisha. And this is how a scandalous affair ended with a heart break.

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