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NOT subscribing to FiLMiC PRO? Then look at these apps

With Filmic Pro moving to a subscription model lots of folks have been asking for alternatives. So in this video I take a look at a few of my favorites for iOS…


Moment MagSafe cage
Smallrig tripod (Amazon)
Beast handle (Amazon)
Ulanzi Claw quick release (Amazon)

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▶︎ The Complete Guide To FiLMiC Pro (SAVE 10%):
▶︎ The Complete Guide To Smartphone Audio:
▶︎ LumaFusion Color Grading 101:

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▶︎ MUSIC We Use (get 2 months free):
▶︎ EDITED with Adobe Premiere Pro

▶︎ FAVORITE Apps & Gear:
FiLMiC Pro (camera app)
LumaFusion (editing app) on iOS:
Smartphone Gimbal
Hybrid Gimbal
Universal Camera Cage/Grip
Tripod Mount
Mini Tripod
Bendy Tripod
Battery Pack
Small LED Light
Camera Mount Mic
Moment Lenses
Anamorphic Lens
Moondog Universal Filter Mount
Sandmarc ND Filters/Lenses (works with Ultra Wide)

Need more smartphone filmmaking gear ideas?

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0:00 Intro
1:30 MoviePro
3:45 BeastCam
5:40 Moment
7:35 MAVIS
9:40 ProMovie
11:01 ProTake (bonus app)
13:16 Wrap-up

If you’re new to the channel it’s all about taking mobile & DIY filmmaking to the next level. I share tools, tips & techniques to empower indie filmmakers, YouTube creators, mobile journalists and really anyone who wants to create better videos and movies. I primarily use iOS devices – but most of the tips will work with any smartphone – so if you’re an Android user there’s plenty of good info here for you, too! 🙂

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