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Podcast: Is TV Calibration still relevant or does Filmmaker Mode replace it? + Movie News & Reviews

This week we look at the latest TV news from Philips with their OLED807 TV launch, Sony has announced the A75K OLED TV for the UK and LG C2 price and availability is leaked by the John Lewis website. We also discuss the value of TV picture calibration and if it is still worthwhile doing to your new TV or does the Filmmaker Mode make it irrelevant these days? Ed also gives us a review of the Zidoo NeoS Music Streamer and his album, vinyl and playlist of the week.
The movies team follow this with a review of Moonfall at the cinema as well as the latest movies release news and views, they also discuss the latest 4K Blu-ray disc announcements as well as what they have been watching on the TV. Plus, is there a big difference between Dolby Vision streaming or the HDR10 disc release of the same film?

00:00:00 – Start
00:00:09 – Welcome
00:03:28 – AV & Hi-Fi News
00:04:26 – Philips announces OLED807 and 8807 The One TVs for 2022 – Using OLED EX panel
00:11:47 – Sony announces A75K OLED
00:13:55 – LG 48C2 price and release window revealed? – John Lewis webpage
00:17:03 – Chord Electronics introduces Mojo 2 DAC/headphone amplifier
00:20:12 – Pro-Ject launches A1 Automatic turntable – First fully automatic range for the company
00:22:50 – Lypertek launches PurePlay Z5 TWS earphones – First to include ANC for company
00:24:10 – Zidoo NeoS Music Streamer Review
00:27:38 – What is TV Calibration and is it still relevant with Filmmaker Mode now available?
00:42:39 – Ed’s Album, Vinyl and Playlist of the Week!
00:46:46 – Movies, TV Shows and 4K Blu-rays section with the movies team
00:47:57 – Current Competitions
00:50:26 – Moonfall Movie Review
00:56:18 – Movies being released this week
00:59:04 – BAFTA Nominations
01:06:56 – 4K Blu-ray disc news
01:18:14 – Why are streaming releases and 4K Blu-ray releases of the same films so different?
01:24:14 – Dolby Vision streaming releases vs. HDR10 disc releases for the same films – difference?
01:35:40 – What are we watching on TV?
01:44:41 – What are our thoughts on the Book of Boba Fett?
01:50:02 – Goodbyes

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