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Problems with Institutional Crypto Custody – Security Token Show: Episode 150

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Tune in to this episode of the Security Token Show where this week Megan & Jason talk about problems with institutional crypto custody!

Megan’s Company Of The Week: Andreesen Horowitz:,the%20end%20of%20the%20year..

Jason’s Company Of The Week: BNY Mellon:

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#STSTOP5 Articles of the Week

1. SEC:
2. BNY Mellon:
3. SEC Securities Exchange Act:
4. Brazil:
5. Meta Hollywood:

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UAE Hospital:

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• 0:00 Introduction: Problems with Institutional Crypto Custody
• 2:22 SEC, BNY Mellon, Securities Exchange Act, Brazil, Meta Hollywood | STSTOP5
• 11:50 OpenSea, CorenSys, INX Trucpal STO, Tezos Ecosystem Tokens | STS Industry Updates
• 14:51 Agrotoken, Human Unitec International, Commodity Asset Backed Token | STO Updates & New STOs
• 17:16 $18B Market Cap | STS Market Updates
• 18:59 CBS Ghosts, Steve Aoki, TIME Metaverse Cover, UAE Hospital | STS Inside The Metaverse
• 20:45 Companies of The Week: BNY Mellon, a16z
• 23:46 Main Topic: Problems with Institutional Crypto Custody