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Russia's Best Month – Russian Invasion of Ukraine DOCUMENTARY

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Kings and Generals animated historical documentary series on Modern Warfare continues with the aftermath of the first phase of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine in 2022 ( Previously we talked about the build-up to the new stage of the Russo-Ukrainian War, how Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine continued, and covered events between February 24th and April 7th, as we saw how Ukraine managed to win the first phase of the war. This set up the second phase of the war – battle of Donbas. In the previous video we covered the events of April of 2022 ( including the sinking of the rocket cruiser Moskva –, and how the conflict turned into the war of attrition in May ( In this video we will cover the events of June, which became the best month for the Russian offensive. We will talk how the Ukrainian front in Zolote-Hirske area crumbled and how Russia managed to push the Ukrainians out of Severedonetsk and Lysychansk. This video will also discuss the Ukrainian counter-offensive in Kherson and Zaporizhzhia, and the introduction the HIMARS MLRS and its immediate impact on the conflict due to the destruction of the Russian supply depots.

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The video was made by Leif Sick, while the script was developed by Turgut Gambar ( The video was narrated by Officially Devin (

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