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Ryan Kavanaugh Highlights The Impact of COVID on the Film Industry at the 2021 Swedish Film Festival

Film and TV producer Ryan Kavanaugh participated in an interview during the 2021 Swedish Film Festival, where he shared his insights into trends that are impacting today’s film industry and how these trends are shifting the future of filmmaking.

Noting that many evolutions and needed changes were beginning to happen, Kavanaugh pointed to the acceleration of these changes, thanks in part to the pandemic.

First, Ryan Kavanaugh spoke to the major trends coming to light currently. According to Kavanaugh, production work has evolved as a result of the pandemic.

Additionally, Kavanaugh spoke to the rise of at-home consumption, a consumer trend that has already been on the rise. For production companies, the rise in at-home consumption has created a need for high-quality entertainment options available on streaming devices, on-demand, and alternatives to traditional theatre experiences.


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