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S. Korean winners of Cannes prizes Song Kang-ho, Park Chan-wook return home

칸에서 빛난 ‘국민배우’ 송강호, 원조 칸느스타 저력 발휘한 박찬욱… 오늘 귀국

At the Cannes Film Festival.
Two veterans of South Korean cinema earned deserving honors.
Best actor Song Kang-ho and Park Chan-wook won best director.
Kim Bo-kyung tells us more.
The South Korean winners of the 75th Cannes Film Festival awards,… actor Song Kang-ho and film director Park Chan-wook,.. returned home Monday afternoon.
Song,.. who won best actor for his performance in “Broker”,… once again thanked movie fans for showing their love and constant interest and support for Korean films.
He added that the highlight was being able to work together with renowned Japanese film director, Hirokazu Kore-eda.

“Even if we are from different countries, we share the same culture, same thoughts, and the same emotions through movies. I think this piece was important in allowing us to realize that we can share the beauty we are searching for.”

Song made history by becoming the first Korean male actor to win an award at Cannes.
He is one of South Korea’s most popular actors but rose to global stardom after starring in the 2019 hit film “Parasite”… the winner of the highest honor at Cannes,… the prestigious Palme d’Or.
Park Chan-wook,.. who was named best director for his film “Decision to Leave”, returned home Monday too.
This year, it was his romantic thriller “Decision to Leave”,… which earned him the prize.

Park is no stranger to the Cannes Film Festival having won the Grand Prix in 2004 with the thriller “Old Boy”… and Jury Prize in 2009 for the horror “Thirst.”

“I actually wanted the actors to win the awards instead. I don’t particularly feel anything about winning a third prize. But I’m concerned that people will get the impression that the movie is an art film,… that’s not what the general public is used to.”

Industry insiders say that with the right input, Korea has the potential to nurture even more talented actors and directors like Song and Park.

“Acknowledging that figures like Song Kang-ho and Park Chan-wook contribute greatly not only to the Korean film industry, but to Korean culture in general, there should be continuous investment in the cultural field,… especially in liberal arts. And by investment, I mean both private and public,… such as coming up with policies that help raise global awareness of Korean popular culture.”

And through these efforts, pundits are optimistic the Korean film industry will continue to make its presence known on the international stage.
Kim Bo-kyung, Arirang News.

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2022-05-30, 22:00 (KST)


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