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Sally Field & Burt Reynolds’ Devastating Love Story | Rumour Juice

Burt Reynolds and Sally Field had the most popular relationship of the 1970s but their relationship wasn’t the fairytale romance it was shown to be. Over 30 years later, Burt still saw Sally as the love of his life and she opened up about how she felt trapped and controlled in their relationship. This is a story of love, heartbreak, devastation and regrets. There were words left unspoken between the pair when Burt passed away in 2018.

00:00 Burt Reynolds and Sally Field’s romance wasn’t the fairy-tale
01:40 Burt Reynolds – ‘You don’t get it, talent is sexy’
03:34 Sally Field spoke about sexual abuse
07:12 It was an era of change for Sally Field

Sally Field & Burt Reynolds’ Devastating Love Story | Rumour Juice

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