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Samsung S21 Takes AMAZING Video – Filmmaking Perspective

In this behind the scenes filmmaking tutorial, we take you on set to show you an in-depth behind the scenes of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and we explain how we filmed a cinematic ice fishing video from the perspective of fillmmaker

This video is brought to you by Sasktel Communications. A big shoutout goes out to Sasktel who sent us this Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to review and test on a video set.

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This ice fishing cinematic video was filmed on a -30 degree celsius day in the middle of Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan. We explain in great detail our storyboarding process, the Samsung S21 Ultra 8k video, ultra HD 60fps, 240fps slow motion, 960fps 720p in EXTREME slow motion, in body image stabilization, waterproof and long lasting battery in extreme weather conditions. All of these features make for an absolute beast of a smartphone camera.

Starting with the 8k video: The 8k video was extremely sharp with an insane amount of detail baked into these files. Not to mention, the workflow in the editing suite with the 8k files were extremely manageable. When filming in 8k on the Samsung S21, you cannot use the in body image stabilization. Capturing the rolling shots on an extremely bumpy lake in the back of a truck bed made for some rough footage. To combat this, I simply added an 8k rolling shot of the snowmobile for ~ 1 second into the video to give the viewer of the cinematic video a visual representation that snowmobiling on the lake was a rough ride.

Ultra HD 60fps / 4k 60fps: The UHD 60fps was one of my favourite camera settings to use on the Samsung S21 due to the fact that you could enable the in body image stabilization system. This made for unbelievably smooth handheld shots and rolling shots. The 60fps when slowed down to 40% looked seamless, the quality was great and I was even more impressed with how the rolling footage looked on an extremely bumpy ride across a lake driving at ~40-50km/h.

960fps Extreme Slow Motion: We only used this frame rate for one shot which was the auger cutting through the thick ice on the lake. I was very impressed with the quality of this and how smooth the slow motion looked. Zero choppiness or weird pixelated frames! This is a frame rate that surprised me as I have yet to see a DSLR camera on the market film anywhere over 240fps which is downscaled to 1080p HD.

Waterproof: We had the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra submerged in freezing cold water for upwards of 3-5 minutes. For these shots, the team was a little stressed out leaving a brand new phone under water for that amount of time. Nevertheless, the Samsung S21 held up perfectly fine! There were zero issues in recordings cutting off when submerged, the phone didn’t glitch or lag when removed from the water.

Long Lasting Battery: Granted that this was literally a brand new cellphone, the battery consumption and battery life on this phone was very remarkable. By the end of the shoot, the Samsung S21 was left with ~67% battery life. We were filming in extreme weather conditions. It was extremely windy on a wide open lake, the temperature during the day dropped to -25 to -30 degrees celsius and we had to film in 5-10 minute spurts to do our hands and feet being too cold to continue filming for longer periods of time. With most other cellphones, the batteries tend to drop significantly in battery life once they hit a certain temperature whether that’s overheating or being too cold. This Samsung S21 was not only used to film in extreme cold weather conditions above water but was also submerged in ice cold freezing lake water for upwards of 5 minutes, shoved in a snowbank to take product photos and video for ~15 minutes and at one point had ice caked onto the back of the phone. There was zero water damage and the phone still worked like new!

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