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Saweetie Full Interview with Kevin Hart | Full Episode Hart to Heart

Watch interviews with Jay-Z, Tracee Ellis Ross, Pete Davidson and more on the New Season of Hart to Heart Streaming Now on Peacock:

Rapper Saweetie joins Kevin Hart for an illuminating interview about her mental health journey since entering the spotlight, including finding a passion for meditation during quarantine and connecting with her chakras. She discusses her relationship with her family and her determination to expand her hip-hop success into a media company to help other aspiring artists. (Season 2 Episode 7).

Synopsis: In a series of conversations, A-list talent will join Kevin to reveal their honest, unfiltered, and unexpected true selves. It’s a place where the public will see the human side of our most well-known celebrities and world influencers. Each episode will be packed with meaningful conversation, open-dialogue, and a lot of heart.

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0:00 – Saweetie on Mental Health and Meditation
13:51 – Saweetie’s Writing Process and Personal Life
22:52 – Saweetie’s Decision To Pursue Music
29:43 – Saweetie’s Goal To Develop a Media Company
35:41 – Saweetie Talks Zodiac Signs and Social Media
43:46 – Saweetie on Priorities and Meeting Kevin