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SF: R.I.P. Old R.Mika Moves

Grab a tissue as we wave a teary goodbye to R.Mika’s old moves :'(

To summarize:
Running grab gone.
Command grab replaced by 2 others (half circle motion rather than 360 now).
Crouching grab gone.
2 air grabs + air command grab gone but semi-replaced by AA grab.
Flying peach (bouncing butt splash) gone.
Command grab super replaced but now QCBx2 rather than 720, combo-able but slower.
Run super gone.
Shooting peach super gone.
s.MP & s.HP replaced.
All jump attacks replaced with j.d+LK being her new j.LK and j.d+HP being her new (and kinda crappy) j.d+MP.
s.LP s.MP new target combo (love this).
f/b.MP f/b.MP new target combo.
f.HP new command normal.
s.HK now chargeable (and best normal in her arsenal).
And obviously the new V-system stuff.

Of course this is all subject to change up to release (and even after) but I doubt Mika will gain or lose any more moves 😛

Overall there’s definitely an improvement in her tools. I don’t miss the crouch grab but the running grab could have been awesome (maybe OP) and the loss of a jumping grab is a bit sucky as you need to go all in with the AA grab instead.

They could have made Flying Peach’s hop projectile invulnerable with no hurt-boxes for the legs to make it useful but honestly don’t miss it, Shooting Peach isn’t stupidly unsafe anymore.

This was a real bitch to render, for some reason Vegas kept fucking it up, doesn’t like the Fraps recording. Had to render in chunks then stick the chunks together.

Also I’m aware RIP means “Rest In Peace” and “RIP in peace” is essentially redundant but that’s the joke, in case anyone thinks otherwise 😛

Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth – See You Again


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