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Sidney Poitier Tribute! Movie Highlights! A Look Back Thru his Classic Trailers! Legendary! R.I.P.

Sidney Poitier didn’t just open the door for fellow filmmakers, he kicked it down! Watch over a dozen trailers from Sidney Poitier’s popular movies in chronological order. Poitier’s extraordinary movie career is showcased with this collection of highlights from some of most remembered films, followed by Sidney’s fabulous remembrance of attending his first movie theater experience.
Sidney was the first Black actor to win an Oscar for Best Actor for his 1963 role in LILIES OF THE FIELD. In the history of movies, he became an icon, giving hope to countless Black artists and changing attitudes of acceptance to audience worldwide.
His career was as unique as the man. Not just his performances were honored, so was he. Poitier was a champion of civil rights, of education, and of humanity. Sidney Poitier helped change American cinema and we are all the better for it.
Sidney Poitier was born February 20, 1927, and passed away in his sleep, January 6, 2022, in Beverly Hills with his loving wife, Joanna by his side. Rest in Peace, kind sir. Thank you for spreading so much joy and love.