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Snatch Game Will NEVER Be The Same! | All Stars 7 Hot or Rot?

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►All Stars 7 Double Snatch Game: Jinkx, Raja, and Trinity Change The Game Forever!

Today we hot or rot and break down the second episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7: The All DOUBLE Snatch Game. The runway category was Pleather Principle! People are already saying the All Winners Snatch Game was the best of all time, and the episode itself has already reached 9.9 out of 10 stars on IMDB! After Season 14’s abysmal snatch game, this one was desperately needed… right!?

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00:00 All Stars 7 Snatch Game & Pleather Principle Review | Hot or Rot?
2:14 Yvie Oddly Snatch Game: Rico Nasty & Boogieman
3:35 Yvie Oddly Pleather Principle Runway
4:22 Shea Couleé Snatch Game: Elsa Majimbo and Miss J
6:00 Shea Couleé Pleather Principle Runway
6:38 The Vivienne Snatch Game: Joanna Lumley & Catherine Tate
8:21 The Vivienne Pleather Principle Runway
8:50 Jaida Snatch Game: Prince & The Lady Chablis
10:34 Jaida Pleathe Principle Runway
11:17 Monet X Change Snatch Game: Mike Tyson & Martin Lawrence
13:27 Monet X Change Pleather Principle Runway
14:10 Trinity The Tuck Snatch Game: Lucif(her) & Leslie Jordan
15:43 Trinity the Tuck Pleather Principle Runway
16:18 Raja Snatch Game: Madame & Diana Vreeland
18:28 Raja Pleather Principle Runway
19:03 Jinkx Monsoon Snatch Game: Natasha Lyonne & Judy Garland
21:41 Jinkx Monsoon Pleather Principle Runway
22:11 Final Thoughts
23: 19 Hottest Hots & Patreon Shoutouts

Hot or Rot for Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7 “All Winners” is Finally Here! Join me all season long to review and react to rupaul’s drag race all stars season 7!

8 Queens join the cast of Drag Race All Stars 7 All Winners Season including Monét X Change, Yvie Oddly, The Vivienne, Raja, Shea Coulee, Jinkx Monsoon, Trinity the Tuck, and Jaida Essence Hall.

Video edited in collaboration by GBerry Productions and Set Sail Videos.


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