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SUPER LOVE | nollywood old classic movie,Genevieve Nnaji and Ramsey Noah #gainersbasetv

Prince Obinna (Ramsey Nouah) had just returned to Nigeria from the U.S. and he was ready to get married. His parents prearranged for him to marry a woman he’d known since childhood but he insisted upon choosing his own wife.

He was actually attracted to a woman he saw in passing and his heart stirred from the moment he saw her. Although the woman piqued his interest he had no idea where to find her and it was possible he would never see her again.

It turned out that the woman, Amaka (Genevieve Nnaji) lived a destitute life as a housekeeper. She resided with her stepfather and two stepsisters and worked like a slave. She cooked, cleaned, washed clothes, and was beaten regularly as her stepsisters watched and laughed. 

One day a ceremony was held for Prince Obinna to find a wife. Many available maidens attended and hoped for his hand in marriage. Amaka’s stepfather hoped he would choose one of his two daughters but he chose Amaka instead. This was infuriating for Amaka’s stepfather and soon after she was mysteriously missing. Prince Obinna was deeply concerned for her welfare and couldn’t rest until she was found.

This is another Cinderella story where a poor stepdaughter won the heart of a prince. The problem here is that there was hardly any romance between the love interests. I’m all for fantasies but this movie needed more interaction between the main characters in order to create an emotional connection for the audience.

Another irritant was that there was too much time spent on story set up with most of the focus on the missing princess and therefore little time was left to develop a passionate relationship.

The movie was rich in culture and this lent the story an authentic spirit. The African dances were entertaining and the fact that the prince had an affinity for women from his native village was impressive.

staring : Genevieve Nnaji, Ramsey Noah and Pete Edochie

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