Warner Bros. Movie World – Junior Driving School

Warner Bros. Movie World has a brand new ride for preschool kids – Junior Driving School. Read our review – www.kidstodo.com.au/blog/junior-driving-school


How To Get A Career In The Film Industry | No Film School Documentary

How to get A Career In The Film Industry | No Film School Documentary

A lot of people have been asking me How I Got A Career In The Film Industry and if I went to school to achieve my goals working on big hollywood productions, Like the teen hit Riverdale or working alongside Olivia Munn, and on the 2nd season of Man in the high castle. It wasn’t easy but I did it with No Film School , and you can do it too with lots of dedication and determination. You can make it in Hollywood. There are plenty of jobs in the film industry that don’t involve camera. But my story is about my journey getting into the camera department and working my dream job.

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Somewhere In The Sky, There's A School For Superpowered Teens

Will, the son of The Commander and Jetstream, is enrolled in Sky High, a school for the children of superheroes. There, he discovers his true powers and learns about loyalty and friendship.

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A career in the film industry without film school | A short documentary on how its done

Click here for our 6 step guide on how to develop a career in the film industry without film school: https://filmcareerlaunch.com

And if you want to read about how to do it on our blog, head over to: https://www.friendsinfilm.com/career-in-the-film-industry-without-film-school-a-short-documentary/

How do you get into the film industry without film school?

Here is a short documentary on how it’s done. 6 steps. First thing is answering the question what do you want to do in the film industry?

1. Get very clear on what job you want to do. Research as much as you can about that on Google and YouTube. I can tell you upfront that actually seeing somebody do that job is going to be what is the most valuable. That’s how you’re going to be able to see if this is something that you really want to do.

2. Next I want you to think about what kind of knowledge do you need to have about that job that most people don’t have. My motto: Do more than what anybody else would think of doing.

3. Build your own professional connections. Professional connections you only make on set. You can make friends at film school, but these will be people who are trying to get into the professional film industry. You’re not going to make professional connections at film school.

4. You need to be on film sets every week learning your craft from professionals. Every week you should learn something major that will help you in your career.

5. The next step is to make a list of people that are in your area that are doing the job that you want to do. Put on that list all of the people that you’ve met on set that you think are really good, that are doing the job that you want to do as well as working in departments that work with your department.


Growing Up In Germany During The 80s/90s – Kindergarden, School, Shows/Movies, Games |Get Germanized

Find out what it was like to grow up in Germany during the 80s and 90s, what kindergarden/school was like, which shows/movies we watched, what games we played and more! This is episode 03 of “Car of Thoughts” with special guest VlogDave!

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1:58 Kindergarden
8:40 Elementary school
11:23 TV shows
27:24 Movies
32:50 Games


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Urban Legend (1998) – Movie Review | Classic or Nostalgic?

#UrbanLegend #JaredLeto #UrbanLegends

Urban Legend (1998) – Movie Review | Classic or Nostalgic?

Intro Audio by NoR Myers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHyNH9FcFS0

Video footage: Halloween (1978), It Follows (2014), Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986), Scream (1996), The Thing (1982), Night of the Living Dead (1968), The Monster Squad (1987)


All clips and images used in this video were used ONLY as a means to review and criticise and should be considered as FAIR USE, under the Copyright act.

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10 Best Teen High School Movie of All Time (Teenage Romantic Movies) | seriesophenia

Here are the best Teen High School Movie of All Time. This list of 10 Teenage Romantic Movies includes some great hidden gem movies like “The First Time”, as well as classic Teenage movies like A “Geek Charming”. Not only are these some of the best college movies you can watch right now!

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The Outcasts
Rip Tide
Before I Fall
reality high
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
Geek Charming
The Spectacular Now
Pitch Perfect
The First Time


Watch more best movie videos here:-

Top 10 best Tv Series: https://youtu.be/5dMZUeV9wcI
Marvel Studio all superhero Movies: https://youtu.be/VmwCqypCY6s
Top 10 Supernatural Tv Series: https://youtu.be/AcL2b6E7_pg
Tv Shows About End of the World: https://youtu.be/3bg0hlVM284
Top 10 Best Time Travel Movies : https://youtu.be/5zUp38X8F5g
Top 10 Best Tv Shows About End of the World : https://youtu.be/3bg0hlVM284
Top 10 Best Zombie movies : https://youtu.be/_oe9wheZ5x0

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Note- We make videos to Influence People to watch these movies which are truly hidden gems to Entertain people. This video is all about explaining the movie/series from our own point of view. For the Explanation, we have used Most of the video clips from The Movie for better understanding. For Video Clips all credits go to the movie owners.

𝘾𝙤𝙥𝙮𝙧𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩 𝙐𝙨𝙚 𝘿𝙞𝙨𝙘𝙡𝙖𝙞𝙢𝙚𝙧 – This video is for educational purposes only. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.


A SCHOOL where TUTORS have NO SHIRTS – movie recap

Movie: Van Wilder (2002)
Brief commentary and analysis:
He’s the most popular guy in campus. As we all know that in college social hierarchies can’t be avoided. And at the top of that is none other than Van Wilder. Like any college guy Van spends his time having fun but has his world turned upside down when his father decides to not pay for his education. Now Van must find a way to keep his college career going. Watch until the end to see how the story unfolds.

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Welcome to Flix Recap! I’m Luke, the elusive voice behind these majestic movie recap and analysis videos. Here on Flix we research the deeper meaning to scenes from movies you’ve never heard of and break them down. We analyse them and highlight the hidden gems (including easter eggs) and speculate what the director/writer/actor was attempting to achieve in any given scene.


High School Shooter Takes a Teacher as a Hostage And Tries to Take Advantage of Her

A teenage girl uses her survival skills to fight for her and her classmates’ lives when a group of shooters takes over her school and starts live-streaming the …


Tamil Actor and Actress School Photos | Tamil Cinema News | Kollywood News | Tamil Cinema Seithigal

Not only us but also our Tamil actor and actress had more unforgettable memories in school life. They will surely miss their school life. They may taken more school photos. We searched over the web to collect some beautiful pictures of our Tamil actors and actress. In this video, we are going to watch how our Kollywood celebrities look like in their school days.


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இந்த விடியோவை பகிர்ந்து கொள்ளுங்கள் ..

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Tobu & Itro – Sunburst [NCS Release]


What the Farage: Bisexual Superman, Matt Hancock hired by the UN and school polices teacher language

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FILMMAKER REACTS to JUJUTSU KAISEN Season 1 Episode 14: Kyoto School Exchange Event -Group Battle 0

Hope you enjoy my first reaction to Jujutsu Kaisen. 😀

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100+ FALL BUCKET LIST IDEAS!! how to romanticize your school year & have a "THAT girl" fall!

100+ FALL BUCKET LIST IDEAS!! how to romanticize your school year & have a “THAT girl” fall!
HI EVERYONE I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS VIDEO!! comment down below fall video ideas! 🙂

MY SUMMER 100+ BUCKET LIST IDEAS: https://youtu.be/F1I2as3aDCI

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SCHOOL LIFE – First Day vs EXAM Day | MyMissAnand

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Hii, friends! Toh aaj ki video mai hone wala hai dhamaal vo bhi school mai kyuki itne time baad jo ja rahe hain toh humne kaise kiya school mai dhamaal usse dekhne k liye video ko end tak dekhna aur video accha lage toh like krna share krna aur channel ko subscribe krna…

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Lead Actors: Anantya Anand
Supporting Actors: Nisha Topwal, Radhika, Dinesh, Suraj, Navya Bansal, Janvi, Vamika & Dev Jindal
Sundriyal, Roopam, Amit Kumar Prajapati
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DIY Back Pack for Back to School! BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES 2015

diy back to school supplies, DIY Back To School Supplies 2015! DIY Back To School Bag! DIY Back To School Supplies 2015! Back to school supplies, diy back …


Celebrities' support sends bullied schoolboy to Disneyland

Celebrities around the world have joined a chorus of support for a nine-year-old boy who threatened to kill himself after being bullied incessantly at school.

Quaden Bayles was filmed by his mother in tears after being regularly targeted because of his dwarfism and his Aboriginal background.

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“Yovid” – Hanahan High School – Young Filmmakers Project

Hanahan High School’s Two Minute Production for the SC YOUNG FILMMAKERS.

Alec Howard, Dylan Ruggerio, Savannah Davis, and Olivia Keeter



A teenage girl teaches the boy's wrestling team bully a lesson. | Short Film

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The world’s best short films from OSCAR® & BAFTA qualifying film festivals.

Short Film: Alone Together
Director: Katie Sponseller
Writer: Katie Sponseller
Cast: Naomi Oliver, Sammy Montero, Adam Elshar, Terry Etchyeson

A teenage girl faces her troubling past of sexual abuse the only way she can think of — by joining the boy’s wrestling team.

For 25 years we have showcased the world’s best short films at our prestigious film festivals. Now for the first time, you can watch these films and more on our YouTube channel, THE SHORTS NETWORK.

THE SHORTS NETWORK features short films from film festivals accredited by the OSCARS®, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, BAFTA, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, and the CANADIAN SCREEN AWARDS presented by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.

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Note – Short film used with permission from filmmaker.



Ariel School Encounter Witness, Salma Siddick & Filmmaker Randall Nickerson, 10-18-17

Salma Siddick (Ariel School Encounter Witness) brilliantly tells her story during the Ariel School encounter on September 16, 1994. Randy Nickerson discusses his film of the event Ariel Phenomenon. Host Martin Willis, Podcast UFO: http://podcastufo.com
Show notes: http://podcastufo.com/show-notes/salma-siddick-randall-nickerson/
Help fund the completion of this important film: https://igg.me/at/arielfilm/x/10708920

What happens when you see something so extraordinary that no one believes you? Filmmaker Randall Nickerson is exploring this question through his upcoming feature-length documentary, Ariel Phenomenon. The film explores an event in 1994 when sixty school children claim to have seen an unusual space craft land near their primary school in Ruwa, Zimbabwe and witnessed an incredible event that, to this day, they can hardly comprehend themselves.

Nickerson has become the foremost investigator into this unusual event. After eight years of investigative journalism, filming, and editing, the project has momentum to reach completion by the spring of 2018. The film seeks to change the conversation about a topic that is often taboo by highlighting the struggle with the stigma that the witnesses still struggle with from this event.

This much-anticipated documentary explores the sighting – of whatever it was – and its aftermath in the lives of those who witnessed it. After hundreds of hours spent recovering archival news footage from news crews who were first on the scene after the event to researching other sightings in the region and reaching out to former Ariel students across the globe to re-tell their story, the film is in its final fundraising stages and nearing a final edit.

A new trailer that showcases footage from the most recent production trip to Zimbabwe, and features Dan Aykroyd’s supportive comments about the film and event in an exclusive interview, has just been released and is being used as part of our current Indiegogo campaign which runs through November 3

Salma Siddick was at grade seven attending Ariel School in 1994 and was a witness to the event. 



FlipTop – Lhipkram vs Jonas 2 @ Isabuhay 2020

FlipTop presents: Unibersikulo 9 @ D’ mention, Buhay Parin City, Metro Manila, Philippines. June 1988. Filipino Conference Battle.


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#Lhipkram #Jonas #Unibersikulo9

About fliptopbattles:
FlipTop Kru Corp. is a self-produced events and artist management company with its first product in the FlipTop Battle League. The FlipTop Battle League is the Philippines’ first premier – and the world’s most-viewed – rap battle league. It is popularly credited for the resurgence and widespread acceptance of hiphop culture in the Philippines since its inception in February 2010, and continues to champion all other hiphop elements in its variety of events and online content. It is home to the country’s top Hiphop talents and houses divisions in the main island groups of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

FlipTop – Lhipkram vs Jonas 2 @ Isabuhay 2020



Last to Leave School Playground Wins $10,000!!

You saw Stephen Sharer “WE BECAME KIDS FOR THE DAY!! (going back to school)” https://youtu.be/o8veKHaitps well today Stephen Sharer and his Sharer …


The School Bag | Short Film | 44 awards in 106 Film Festivals

An innocent wish. A mother going all out to fulfil it. What happens next will leave you with varied emotions. Starring Rasika Dugal and child prodigy Sartaaj RK.


Elementary school talent show….this 6 year old got moves

Kindergartner got moves only…this 6 year old got it .



It was a pleasure for Bolte Aainey team to interact with Ajit Rai,a well known Film &Theatre Critic ;& Culture Journalist during which he revealed several unknown facts of Indian and World Cinema.Seldom have we seen such a bold and informative interview.

1. Film Critic – Jansatta / The Indian Express..
2. Editor – Rang Prasang, an international journal of Cinema & Theatre, National School Of Drama, Ministry Of Culture, Govt. Of India.
3 .Founder Editor – Drishyantar, a monthly magazine of Cinema TV Culture & Media by Doordarshan Ministry of I&B Govt of India.
4. World Record
(a) -Ajit Rai made a world record in film journalism in Cannes Film Festival 2018.  He published 75 articles in various Indian Newspapers in 15 days on Cannes Film Festival This is a world record that one journalist wrote 75 articles about one event.
(b) He made a world record in Theatre Criticism in 2010 when his 25 articles published 25 days daily without break during International Theatre Festival by National School of Drama New Delhi.
5. Writing a book on Hinduja Family and Indian Cinema.. It is a global cultural journey of about 1200 Hindi films introduced to World by Hinduja Family.
6. Pioneer in personality journalism in India in 1995 in India Today magazine.
7. He has been invited to deliver lecture on Indian culture, Theatre , Cinema & society by United Nation ( UNO) New York, British Parliament, London, President House Tehran Iran, Uppsala University Sweden, Bollywood Festival Oslo, Norway, Indian Film Festival Berlin Germany & Moscow Russia. Dubai UAE ( Indian Embassy, and many more.
7. Ajit Rai is one and only who has been invited in Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony Oslo Norway in 2014.

8. Ajit Rai is one of the leading Film & Theatre Critics & Cultural Journalists of India with wide and vast experience of more than 30 years in almost all leading National Newspapers, reputed Journals and Electronic media as well on Cinema, Theatre, Literature & Cultural discourses.
His about 5000 published articles are pioneer in Film & Cultural journalism. Some of his innovative reports have been debated in Indian Parliament .
9. Cannes Film Festival – the most prestigious festival in the world- granted Ajit Rai the top priority Press Badge considering him as one of the most important film critics of the World .
He has been covering Cannes Film Festival & many other international film festivals and IFFI Goa since 2004.
10. Ajit Rai is the only film critic of India who wrote maximum articles on International Film Festival of India IFFI Goa around more than 500.
11. Ajit Rai was a member of Media Committee International Film Festival of India Goa in 2010 and Selection Jury Member (Preview Committee) in 2014 ,2015 & 2017 in Word Cinema.
12. (a) He started Raipur International Film Festival in collaboration with Govt of Chhattisgarh and Directorate of Film Festival DFF Govt of India in 2015.
(b) He Started Haryana International Film Festival Yamunanagar in 2008 in collaboration with Govt of Haryana.
(c) He started Azamgarh International Film Festival in 2018.
13. He also started Indian Film Festival Moscow Russia as founder Director in 2014 and Uppsala Sweden in 2013 . He was Asst. Director Indian Film Festival Berlin Germany in 2012 and Consultant Bollywood Film Festival Oslo Norway since 2013 .
14. He has been Consultant Jagaran Film Festival 2012- 2014 in 16 cities of India.
15. He has been invited by President of Iran in 2012 as a special guest in New Horizon Film Festival Tehran .
16. Ajit Rai has been invited by Film & Television Institute of India as Guest of Honour in 2013 & 2015 in Student Film Festival and National Students Film Awards ceremony.
17. He is pioneer of Cinema movement in Educational Institutions of India and abroad and started many Film Festivals & Film Appreciation Courses in DAV Girls College, Yamunanagar, Haryana, Kurukshetra University, Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab, Mahatma Gandhi Hindi International University Vardha, Maharashtra. DAV Centenary College Faridabad , Hariyana etc.

1. Best Film Critic National Award, Rajasthan International Film Festival, Jaipur . 2020.
2. Best Film Journalist Award, LIFFT India Film Festival, Lonawala, Mumbai, 2020.
3. Pride of India Award, Khajuraho International Film Festival, 2020.
4. Jaiprakash Narayan International Award for Journalism, Delhi 2020
5. Nat Samrat Best Theatre Critic Award, Delhi , 2020.
6. Rang Sameeksha Samman, Ashirvad Rang Mandal, Begusarai, Bihar. 2018
7. . Rang Sameeksha Samman, Abhinaya Rang Manch, Hisar, Haryana, 2016.
8. Pride of India Award. 2012
9. Natya Sameeksha Samman, Manch Rangmanch, Amritsar. Punjab. 2010
10 . Kala Sameeksha Samman, Abhinav Rang Mandal Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. 2008.

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Old school hip hop moves!

Top rocks, back rocks, crisscross, jump jump out, the sponge bob, slides, the party machine, up dow out!


Old School (9/9) Movie CLIP – That’s the Way You Debate (2003) HD

Old School movie clips: http://j.mp/1CPbOGY
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During the charter review, Frank (Will Ferrell) dominates the debate competition against James Carville.

Three men relive their carefree college years by killing off as many brain cells as possible in this over-the-top comedy. Mitch (Luke Wilson) returns home from a less-than-pleasant business trip one evening to discover his wife, Heidi (Juliette Lewis), involved in a ménage à trois with two blindfolded strangers. Feeling less than welcome at home after this, Mitch rents a house near the campus of a nearby college; two of Mitch’s old college buddies, Beanie (Vince Vaughn) and Frank (Will Ferrell), stop by to cheer him up. They soon become regular guests at Mitch’s place, despite the fact that Frank only recently wed Marissa (Perrey Reeves), while Beanie and his wife, Lara (Leah Remini), are busy with two kids. Beanie decides to throw a housewarming party for Mitch, and since Beanie sells audio equipment for a living, he’s able to trick out the big bash with a massive PA system and an appearance by Snoop Dogg. Mitch soon finds he’s the not-entirely-willing proprietor of the school’s leading party spot, which raises the ire of Pritchard (Jeremy Piven), a dean at the college who was the target of Mitch, Frank, and Beanie’s abuse when they were all students. Pritchard arranges to have Mitch’s neighborhood zoned into a student housing district, but Beanie and Frank respond by forming a fraternity and making Mitch’s home their headquarters. Mitch, however, is not enthusiastic about the idea, especially as he’s trying to impress Nicole (Ellen Pompeo), a beautiful divorcee who is less than enchanted with Frank and Beanie’s “party hearty” lifestyle. Old School director Todd Phillips knows more than a bit about the seamy side of fraternity life as director of the infamous unreleased documentary Frat House.

TM & © Dreamworks (2003)
Cast: Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, James Carville, Jerod Mixon
Director: Todd Phillips
Producers: Paul Deason, Daniel Goldberg, Joe Medjuck, Todd Phillips, Tom Pollock, Ivan Reitman
Screenwriters: Court Crandall, Todd Phillips, Scot Armstrong

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Deep Dubstep Mix

Check out https://soundcloud.com/woken_hh
I uploaded my fourth Deep Dubstep Mix there and its definitely 1000 times better than this one. Had Problems with rendering the video for youtube…

1. 00:00 Loefah – JustaBeat
2. 02:50 Digital Mystikz – Haunted
3. 04:26 Kromestar – Attenshun
4. 04:55 Cotti vs. Kromestar – Mozart 3000
5. 06:55 Goth Trad – Cut End
6. 10:48 DZ & XI – Guns At Dawn
7. 13:00 Digital Mystikz – Lean Forward
8. 15:42 Ganja White Night – Purple Star
9. 17:00 DZ – Old Timers
10. 20:00 Matt-U – Watchin’ U
11. 23:10 Fat Freddy’s Drop – Cay’s Crays (Digital Mystikz remix)
12. 26:54 Giant – Swoosh
13. 28:17 Breakage – Together
14. 30:00 Mensah – Sahara .


Kid Fakes Being Sick To Stay Out Of School

Kid Fakes Being Sick To Stay Out Of School! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last dhar mann vid https://youtu.be/ffvd8LrBqcw Subscribe to SSSniperWolf …


Letsplay School # 3 [Шахта] Minecraft school

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