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TBIH2022 IMAGINES | Emigration Museum of Gdynia: Dzennet

Maksymilian Bochenek and Anna Posłuszna from the Emigration Museum in Gdynia talk to TBIH’s Alexandra Fernández Coego about the Dzennet project. This film won the Museums in Short Award 2021.

Girl Power means independence and staying true to one’s convictions, sisterhood and empathy, perseverance and strength of character, courage and determination. Women’s strength and power. The unquestionable PowerGirl was Dżennet Dżabagi-Skibniewska, a Caucasian princess, freedom fighter, a champion for peace, a Gdynian by choice. A Muslim, a refugee, a patriot and a Polish soldier. A superheroine. Sounds incredible, but it’s a true story nonetheless. The story was interpreted and animated by Polish visual artist Tomek Popakul.

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