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Ten Tips for Film Industry Networking During an Online Film Festival

Many filmmakers find it difficult to network, period. During the eleven years, we have been running film festivals we have seen some of the best networking practices and here we give you our top ten tips on how we feel filmmakers should be networking during their online screening event either with Lift-Off, or any other film festival.

Online festivals are tricky places to navigate but it should always start with active engagement from you. Watch films! Look for people you want to work with either the talent or the production company. Determine your goals and reach out to them. Everybody wants to know that you enjoyed their work, and building creative connections are what this industry drives from!

1. Know your goals when networking
2. Watch as much content in the festival as possible
3. Look for creative connections you share with others
4. Look for productions that are in the next stage up from yours, contact those filmmakers!
5. Don’t let your ego prevent you from learning from others.
6. Make contact either through the festival or via social media
7. Be open, be nice and look to start with a friendly connection
8. Setup a meeting with those you want to network with!
9. Look for, and always ask for an excited yes or a quick no.
10. Be brave!

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